On this page you will find a link to Eyes On Success (formerly ViewPoints), our weekly podcast and radio show about living with low vision, as well as some other utilities and JAWS scripts that I've written. If you would like to make a donation to support the podcast and/or the development effort of some tool you've found useful, click the PayPal button below.

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Eyes On Success - A podcast with hosts, Nancy Goodman Torpey and Peter Torpey

Eyes On Success is a half hour weekly radio show / podcast that covers a wide range of topics of interest to the visually impaired. The show is aired by many radio reading services throughout the U.S. and Canada, streamed by several internet streaming services, and also available as a podcast or download.

Use the new search feature on our web site to find shows of interest by show number, keyword, or topic in our archive of approximately 300 episodes collected in over 5 years.

The Hosts: The Torpeys both have PhD's in Physics and retired from over 25 years in corporate research at Xerox Corporation. Nancy is sighted and Pete is blind, and they've been learning together for many years. Pete and Nancy have two adult children, and they love to travel, hike and enjoy music together.

You can find links for subscribing to the podcast, download individual shows along with show notes, or simply find out more by cllicking on the following link:

You can also find the podcast on iTunes!

Some Useful Tools and JAWS Scripts

Below are descriptions and links to several programs, tools, and utilities that may be of interest. They are designed to work well with screen readers.

JAWS Scripts for Band-in-a-Box

These scripts can be used with the PG Music program Band-in-a-Box available from www.PGMusic.com
Band-in-a-Box is a program for creating, playing, and arranging music.

Note: The Band-in-a-Box scripts for JAWS on this page are for legacy versions of Band-in-a-Box and JAWS. The latest versions of the scripts have been moved to:

The scripts below (v12.0) are made to run with BIAB 2017.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to read the help file for the scripts by hitting JAWSKey+F1 once inside BIAB 2017. This document outlines modifications to the BIAB Preferences that must be made in order for the scripts to work properly. The zip archive also contains an access configuration scheme that can be used with BIAB 2017 in order to implement these changes more easily if you like.

JAWS scripts for BIAB 2017 v12-0

Version 11.0 of the scripts were optimized for BIAB 2016 build 436 and above. Be sure to have this build or later if you are using these scripts.

IMPORTANT: In order for these scripts to work properly, certain modifications must be made in the BIAB Preferences dialog. Once running BIAB, hit JAWSKey+F1 where you can read about how to make these modifications to the settings. Also, once these changes have been made, hit JAWSKey+H for other useful hotkeys and suggestions.

JAWS scripts for BIAB 2016 v11-0

Below are JAWS scripts for earlier versions of BIAB.

JAWS scripts for BIAB v10-3

Use the following link to download a zip archive containing the older JAWS scripts and readme file. These scripts were developed using JAWS 13 and BIAB 2012.
Download for the v 3.55 JAWS Band-in-a-box Scripts

The link below is for version 3.10 of the scripts (an older version) which was developed prior to JAWS 13 and BIAB 2012. If you have problems with a later version of the scripts try this older version.
Download for the v3.10 JAWS Band-in-a-box Scripts

Ear Training Program

Practice and develop your musical listening skills with this easy to use program. The user can select to have the program play individual notes, two note intervals, or multi-note chords through their PC speakers. Use the program in a "guessing game" mode or simply play the desired note, interval, or chord. Intervals and chords can either be sounded as simultaneous notes or arpeggiated for easier listening.

Documentation for Ear Training

Download Ear Training

Copy Outlook Contacts, Mail Notes, and Appointments to Text Files

Grab your Outlook Contacts, Mail Notes, and/or Appointments and create text files which can then be easily transferred or copied to almost any portable reading device.

Documentation for OL2TXT

Download for OL2TXT

JAWS Scripts for Enco

These JAWS scripts were developed to facilitate the use of Enco's DAD program for those using the JAWS screen reader. The documentation describes the facilities and keyboard shortcuts enabled by the scripts. You can download a timed demo of the scripts below if you want to see how these scripts work with the DAD program.

Documentation for JAWS scripts for DAD

Download for demo JAWS scripts for DAD

If you have questions about the DAD scripts, are interested in having the developer include additional functionality to the scripts, or are interested in acquiring a fully functional version of the scripts, contact the developer at: Contact Developer: contact@torpey.info

Contact Information

Please direct any questions about the programs, tools, or utilities on this page to the developer at:

Send Mail To: contact@torpey.info